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How to Prepare Your Pool for the Winter

Swimming Pool Builders: Advice on Winterizing Your Home Addition

Every swimming pool owner has to consider winterizing their expensive home addition properly. The main reasons for doing this is to avoid costly repairs. Here is what professional swimming pool builders advise:
Although it is possible to leave your pool open all-year-round, it will take some extra work and effort to make it usable again for the next summer season. Many homeowners choose to close them off during the cold winter because it will protect it from the freezing temperatures and structural damage. But what can you really do about it?

Checking your water’s chemistry should be your first step before the important winterizing process. You will need to check its pH, total alkalinity, water hardness, and free chlorine. Remember, you have to adjust all the unbalanced indexes before closing your swimming pool.
Draining the water from it should be your next step. By doing so, you will avoid pool damage caused by the water expansion when it freezes. One more thing you must do is to remove the water from the plumbing lines, otherwise, they can freeze and burst, leading to expensive repairs.
However, your pool isn’t the only thing that should be drained. You also have to do the same with the filter, pump, chemical feeder, and the automatic cleaner pump.
After all the water has gone, remove all additional accessories, such as diving boards, ladders, etc. Clean your home addition with a pool brush and clean the skimmer baskets. Do not forget to clean the water filtration system. Another important phase of the winterizing process is closing all the valves, removing the directional fittings, and installing the freeze plugs.
Your final step should be to cover your swimming pool with an appropriate material. You may need some help doing this properly though. After that, do not let anyone step on the cover and do not allow your children or pets to play around it.

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